Playpen of the poor and not-so-famous.

A few rules:

1.  I’m not concerned about how I get treated on these pages, but I imagine that most of the readers here are people whom I know, but may not know each other.  That being the case, civility is the order of the day when addressing one another.  Me, public figures (e.g., politicians, commentating gas bags, etc.) are relatively fair game (I won’t tolerate slander – my definition – my blog, my rules).

2.  All topics are fair game.  Try to keep your comments on topic and relatively civil; otherwise, have at it in responding.

3.  Please refrain from ad hominem attacks (see 1. above) or emotional appeals that have no real basis in logic.

4.  I reserve the right to make more rules as I see fit.

With that said, let the games begin.


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